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The Dibble Institute is an independent, non-profit organization created to promote relationship training for youth, with special focus on dating and romantic interactions. A goal of the institute is to help young people gain the skills and knowledge necessary for healthy relationships now and in the future.
The Dibble Institute develops and distributes teaching materials designed for use in schools and a wide variety of other settings. The staff from the Institute also trains teachers and youth instructors in their use.

What Young People Learn

* Dealing with emotions
* Conflict management
* Recognizing dangerous relationships
* What makes a healthy relationship
* Effective communications
* Low-risk dating strategies
* The social and emotional sides of sex
* Setting limits and boundaries
* How love lives impact life outcomes

Dare to Live, A nationally recognized teen suicide prevention program

Mike Miller-Founder

Jodie Suckling-Program

Mailing Address:
Dare to Live
P.O. Box 2495
Vancouver, WA 98668

Office Phone:

Office Location:
1400 NE 136th Ave
Ste. 201
Vancouver, WA 98684

GeoGebra is free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for learning and teaching. It has received several educational software awards in Europe and the USA.
Alternative School Curriculum
Edutopia - Training & Resources
History and Resources
Teaching and Managing Learning
Regional Technical Program: Student-Based Materials
Jason Foundation request for information
Jason Foundation

EdOptions-Web-based Curriculum:
Educational Options Inc. creates web-based educational products that support students and teachers inside and outside the traditional classroom. Educational Options is also the parent company of Blue Ridge International Academy, an online school offering curriculum, certified teachers, and accredited diplomas to schools and students who need flexible learning options. Blue Ridge International Academy is accredited by the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement, and the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools.

Curriki is an online environment created to support the development and free distribution of world-class educational materials to anyone who needs them. Our name is a play on the combination of 'curriculum' and 'wiki' which is the technology we're using to make education universally accessible.

Thinkfinity.org is the Verizon Foundation's comprehensive online portal to more than 55,000 FREE educational and literacy resources for teachers, parents and students. Resources include standards-based, grade-specific, K-12 lesson plans and engaging interactive activities provided in partnership with many of the nation's leading educational and literacy organizations. Thinkfinity.org offers elementary through high school teachers resources across eight academic disciplines, from science to English to mathematics, to improve student achievement. Thinkfinity.org is designed to help teachers gain access to online resources quickly.

Iowa Core Curriculum: 21st Century Skills
Curriculum in Alternative Learning Environments

Pearson Digital Learning: NovaNET
Designed for grades 6-12, NovaNET is a comprehensive, online courseware system that meets countless needs. From delivering thousands of hours of research and standards-based, interactive curriculum, to integrated assessment and student management, NovaNET is an all-inclusive system that delivers a return on investment quickly. Has been used extensively by Scavo Alternative High School in Des Moines.

Skills Tutor

Products delivered via the internet include:

SkillsTutor for Grades K - Adult: Over 1600 lessons and activities focus on the core skills commonly found on state and national standardized tests. Quizzes and tests quickly identify skill deficiencies and appropriate lessons are prescribed.

Employability Skills for Grades 8 - Adult: Over 100 lessons provide instruction in workforce transition skills and cover objectives for pre-employment and work maturity competencies.

Personal-Social Development

Alternative educators have continuously voiced the need to form "family communities" within school to maximize the success of students. The paradigm of alternative schools that maximizes the success of students is "personalization"-establishing a student-first paradigm of education VS a curriculum-first paradigm. The Smart and Good High Schools studies now highlight the need to merge ideals for personal character development as well as performance development to maximize student learning. This web site offers you a video explanation of how high schools can address personal-social development--alternative schools included. Ideas for curriculum development are included in this resource.

Curriculum Software/School Supplies


Secondary solutions for all students

Because high school students possess unique needs and experiences, Compass Learning offers programs to ensure that Odyssey helps students where they are now, and then challenges them to grow.

Odyssey Advanced/AP, powered by Thinkwell, is fully loaded with the options and flexibility each student needs. Research-based and aligned to state standards, Odyssey High School Advanced/AP fuses creativity with technology.

A new high school!

Odyssey High School:

* is aligned to state standards in all 50 states

* reflects the very latest confirmed research about how students think and learn

* has powerful summative and formative assessment tools that measure progress

* allows teachers and administrators to effectively differentiate learning and improve classroom management

* enables students to develop critical thinking skills while getting a head start on college-level work

* promotes exploration, problem solving, reflection, and real-world connections — all while engaging students' imaginations.

PLATO Learning

Online Courses for credit recovery and first-time course credit
customizable to meet local standards. Teachers can add, remove, or re-sequence course content to meet student needs and local
requirements. Teacher support materials and training are available to assist with personalizing instruction and providing options for students.

Company Contacts:

Field Mgr. Western Iowa
Ike Moore
Phone: (816) 719-6599

Field Mgr. Eastern Iowa
Katherine DuBose
Phone: (773) 354-1867

Inside Sales Rep Western Iowa
Georgia Tsoi
Phone: (800) 869-2000, x1868

Inside Sales Rep Eastern Iowa
Beth Ervie
Phone: (800) 447-5286, x4926

Credit Recovery: Ombudman Education Services
Ombudsman's credit recovery program allows students to recover credits lost through transfers, suspension, expulsion, and failing or missing classes. Students who want or need additional credits may enroll in Ombudsman to pick up an additional course or courses, with the approval of their school district. All credits earned and grades earned are converted to the same units used by school districts. Ombudsman students earn 88 percent of credits they attempt.
Technology Ombudsman uses technology to keep students engaged, focused and successful. Computer-assisted learning allows teachers to work directly with students to answer questions and ensure mastery of content, instead of serving as the source of content information for a group of students. This allows teachers to provide personalized instruction to each student at the appropriate skill level.
Completing assignments on computer stations eliminates any embarrassment associated with wrong answers. Students work at their own pace and benefit from increased interaction with teachers in a small learning environment. The result is motivated, successful students who graduate from high school.