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Cost of Dropping Out

The Costs of Dropping Out of School in Iowa
The Costs of Dropping Out of School in Iowa - One page version
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Costs of Dropping Out
Costs of Dropping Out (2006 Update)
Cost of Dropping Out(Update 2009)
Legal Services Dropout Study

Dropping out of high school can result in long-term financial losses not just for the individual, but for society as a whole. The following web sites provide information about the costs to individuals and communities. The last site listed provides some thoughts for students considering dropping out of high school.

Lessons in Learning: Costs of Dropping out
Helping Dropout Break the Cycle of Poverty
The Cost of Dropping Out
The High Cost of Dropping Out
The Cost of Dropping Out
Thinking of Dropping out of School?
A Texas KIDS Count Special Report: The High Cost of Dropping Out
The Cost of Dropping Out: Can we afford it? Denver Business Journal

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Chronic Absence Research

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The Annie E. Casey's Foundation's KIDS COUNT DATA CENTER provides the most recent statistics on more than 100 indicators, including recent data on education, employment and income, poverty, health, and youth risk factors.

The YRBSS: Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System monitors priority health-risk behaviors and the prevalence of obesity and asthma among youth and young adults. The YRBSS includes a national school-based survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state, territorial, tribal, and local surveys conducted by state, territorial, and local education and health agencies and tribal governments.

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DMLcentral.net is the online presence for the Digital Media and
Learning Research Hub Supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation as part of its Digital Media and Learning portfolio, the Digital Media and Learning Hub is a major initiative of the University of California Humanities Research Institute. Both the UC-wide Humanities Research Institute and the Research Hub are based at the UC Irvine campus.
The MacArthur Foundation launched its five-year Digital Media and Learning initiative in 2006 to help determine how digital technologies are changing the way people, especially young people, learn, play, socialize, and participate in civic life. Answers are critical to developing educational and other social institutions that can meet the needs of this and future generations.
The Digital Media and Learning initiative is marshaling what is already known about the field and seeding innovation for continued growth. Initial grants have supported research projects, design studies, pilot programs, and responses to policy implications.
The MacArthur Foundation is supporting the Digital Media and Learning Hub and this web site as part of its Digital Media and Learning initiative.

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The National Center on School Choice is funded by the United States Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences. The Center exercises national leadership in school choice research, including charter and magnet schools, private school vouchers, teacher recruitment, school management, and state policymaking.
National Center on School Choice
Since 2004, the National Center on School Choice (NCSC) has been doing research on how school choice affects individuals, communities, and systems. Work takes place across multiple disciplines and methodologies, and the aim is simple: to provide national intellectual leadership on the study of school choice in all its forms.

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Effectiveness of Iowa Alternative Schools

Smart and Good High Schools

Smart and Good High Schools

Alternative educators have continuously voiced the need to form "family communities" within school to maximize the success of students. The paradigm of alternative schools that maximizes the success of students is "personalization"-establishing a student-first paradigm of education VS a curriculum-first paradigm. The Smart and Good High Schools studies now highlight the need to merge ideals for personal character development as well as performance development to maximize student learning.

Conceptualizing character to include both performance character and moral character enables us to more effectively address the question, "What's the connection between character and academics?" In this new paradigm, character is integral to academic instruction, since it is needed for, and potentially developed from, every academic activity:
• Students need performance character (initiative, self-discipline, perseverance, teamwork, and the like) to do their best academic work.
• Students develop their performance character, including the ability to take satisfaction in a job well done, as they rise to the challenges of their schoolwork.
• Students need moral character (respect, fairness, kindness, honesty, and so forth) to build the relationships that make for a positive learning environment.
• Students develop their moral character by participating in well-designed cooperative learning; bringing out the best work in fellow students through guided critique; examining ethical issues in literature, history, science, and other areas of the curriculum; and carrying out service-learning projects that help solve real-world problems.

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Zero Dropout Rate by 2000
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Costs of Dropping Out

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Teacher Standards: An Analysis of CCSSO's Model Core Teaching Standards

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